EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique


We all have our own life to live, with our own life experiences.  These life experiences are filled with emotion.  How we respond to our emotions, shapes us and forms how we react to future situations.


Our negative emotions do not go away on their own and they can imped the flow of energy in our energy body.  All negative energy is looking for a way to revolve itself.


Using EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique, together we will evolve the emotional block in your energy body by, you tapping on your body's meridan points with your finger tip.


Tapping provides relief from stress, anxiety, trauma, pain, phobias, panic attacks, emotional problems and limiting beliefs.


These are some examples where my clients have benefited from using and learning Energy EFT;

To stop Mum from getting very annoyed and frustrated while helping her child do their homework. A gentleman used it to prepare himself for his presentations at work, keeping his nerves and fears under control and boosting his self-confidence. I worked with a young primary school child to unblock his dislike for Irish, also boosting his self-

esteem in the school class room.


With EFT, you can take your emotional well-being into your own hands.  It will bring focus and inner calm to your life.


EFT is called the essential tool, and it is...I also like to think of it as,  a little bit of magic at your own finger tip



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